Hisaharu Motoda

After watched the movie 2012, I guess lots of people start to worry if the world will end in this year.

Most of human beings have never consider about the future, I mean, the relationship between things we are doing now and future.

So many disease happened in 2011, have you ever worried about tomorrow may not comes?

Hisaharu Motoda’s artworks show us the scene when the familar landmark was destroyed in ruin.

I like his artworks, all of the paintings look so real. Just like the photographs of the ruin.

Most of the paintings in his Neo-Ruins series are in Black and white. That makes his paintings look like a pause in the old movie, it’s moment that you will never forget. Most of his artworks are the landmarks in Japan, but there are many landmarks from different country as well.

I always dream one day I can go to the Tokyo tower, but when I saw his paintings of the destroyed Tokyo tower, I think maybe I should visit there as soon as possible. Like I said before, is just so real.

“The House of Parliament” 40.3×54cm
lithograph 2010 ed.10

“Flinders Street Station 3” 32.7×39.5cm
lithograph 2010 ed.10

“Flinders Street Station 1” 69×105cm
lithograph 2009 ed.10

“MCG” 20.2×55.5cm
lithograph 2010 ed.10

(All pictures from Hisaharu Motoda’s Official Webpage http://web.me.com/motoda_01_01/hmotoda/Home.html)


Mariko Mori

This is Mariko Mori’s video of future.

(source: Youtube)

Her artworks are about future, alien come to earth something really mystery.

Since no one knows what the space really is, her artwork is just her imagenation, but this can give the viewer a lot. We can travel the space through her imagination.

Mori’s “Oneness” exhibition is amazing, There’s someone took the video of the exhibition.

(source: Youtube)

The Wave UFO is very special among all the artworks in Oneness, it’s a digital artwork, the viewer can get into the dome and watch projected paintings reworked with computer graphics and then transformed into photographs in the interior dome of the Wave UFO.

Here’s a interview of Mariko Mori.



Used Water Color.

This was painted on A2 size paper.

I know the colors are weird, and make people feel uncomfortable.

The flower of rose is spiral, it always be used to describe the beauty and elegance.

I like rose, but when you are sad, everything make you feel so bad.


Therefore the beautiful rose is not beautiful anymore, it’s frenzied and disorded.

Maya (LM.C)

I drew this picture after LM.C’s single “88” released. I know the quality of the image is so bad 😦

Used watercolor pencils.

I had decided drew a picture of Eiji as well, but after I finished this one, I got really tired and can’t be bother to draw another one.

The single’s name is “88”, but it becomes “8” since I had only drew Maya’s picture.

Another excuse of no Eiji’s drawing is I like Maya more than Eiji!!!

I like Maya’s style, so stylish! Especially he’s hair style.

His photograph.

(picture source: http://dbsk-world.bulgarianforum.net/t418-topic)